Posted by: doggings | October 19, 2009

Mike Norman vs Peter Schiff on Gold

Haha Classic TV from Jan 2008, Mike Norman (cock) versus Peter Schiff – Senator-in Waiting re the future of Gold.

Peter was of course saying, “Buy Gold – it has a long way to go yet..”  Mikey-boy was saying he sold out at $650 an Oz and that “Gold is a lousy investment”  🙂

If this Dog was called Mike Norman, this dog would stop going on TV debating people because it’s clear the Dog called Mike Norman doesn’t have a fucking clue about anything to do with bones.

More classic Mike Norman nonsense

Peter Schiff vs Mike Norman Round II – is the US bankrupt?

Mike Norman is still a cock (John Thomas) 2010

Economics Numpty of the Year 2009 – Mike Norman



  1. Who knows what to do with gold? I don’t.

  2. buy it, hang on to it, and sleep safe in the knowledge that whatever value you have WILL be preserved above all other types of paper money over the next 5-10 years.

    it may well treble in price, but even if it drops, paper will inflate away and / or drop further.

    buy it, hold it.

  3. How many calories are in a piece. I know paper money isn’t nutricious, so its worthless. Seems like a plot of land, some seeds, a couple cows, a hoe and a shovel might be the best investment a human can make.

  4. lol, fame for the dog’s fabulous pic of Mikey 🙂

    Google Image Search for “Mike Norman”

  5. […] Mike Norman vs Peter Schiff on Gold 2008 (great video ) […]

  6. […] Mike Norman vs Peter Schiff on Gold 2008 (great video ) […]

  7. […] Mike Norman vs Peter Schiff on Gold 2008 (great video ) […]

  8. […] anyway, Mikeydoggy has clearly still not learnt his lesson from his multiple Schiff annihilations, and is still going on TV advocating printing money to get out of problems caused by printing too […]

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