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Mike Norman is Still a John Thomas!

Remember this guy on the left here? “Mikeydog” – Pitbull Economics – Mike Norman?

( The link is to a 2009 video – check how his “predictions” panned out ūüôā )

Mike "John Thomas" Norman

We’ve discussed him and his “John Thomas” like qualities a few times, here and here and here. Firstly let’s define exactly what is meant by “John Thomas” here.

from Thomas

John Thomas


John Thomas  rate this definition:
(Adult / Slang)

The penis. Chiefly British usage, but is also heard in the US; in the movie On The Border , it is shortened to John Tom. See penis for synonyms.


(1) The Protestant in¬†Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life¬†(1983): ‘ I can¬†wear¬†anything I want on my John Thomas… I can¬†wearFrenchticklers¬†if I want.’

(2) Sung by Eric Idle in¬†Monty Python. The Meaning of Life¬†(1983): ‘ Isn’t it awfully nice to have a¬†penis¬†/ Isn’t it frightfully good to¬†have it on¬†/ It’s swell to have a¬†stiffy¬†/ It’s divine to own a¬†dick¬†/ From the tiniest little¬†tadger¬†to the world’s biggest¬†prick¬†/ So, three cheers for your Willy or John Thomas / Hooray for your¬†one-eyed trouser snake¬†/ Your piece of¬†pork, your¬†wife’s¬†best friend, your passing or your¬†cock¬†/ You can wrap it up in ribbons, you can¬†stuff¬†it in your¬†sock¬†/ But don’t take it out in public or they’ll¬†stick¬†you in the¬†dock¬†and you won’t come back.’

So hopefully you get the gist of it, so this dog thinks it’s pretty funny (and quite apt) given that the first post about him was titled ¬†“Mike Norman – what a cock!”¬†that he then went on to work at “John ¬†Thomas Financial”

Ahem, yes, thats the Dog’s English toilet humour training showing there.. ūüôā

So anyway, Mikeydoggy has clearly still not learnt his lesson from his multiple Schiff annihilations, and is still going on TV advocating printing money to get out of problems caused by printing too much money.

Here he is on RT this week, with a priceless moment what Lauren Lyster asked him how with his preferred “solutions” to the European debt crisis (money printing obviously, this is all he knows) how there would ever be a “Free Market”

Mike Norman: “What do you mean, a free market? ” – ¬†yup, seriously.. ūüôā

As it happens Google seems to quite like one of the Dog’s pictures of him, this one, and it still applies, for there is no doubt whatsoever:

РNorman, all this time later, you are still a proper John Thomas.


  1. Just fyi, John Thomas Financial is owned by Anastasios Thomas Belesis, a Greek-American who sought a “more American” name for his business when he founded it.

    • ha! brilliant.. ūüôā

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