Posted by: doggings | December 7, 2009

Economics Numpty of the Year Awards 2009

And the Dog’s Nob Awards 2009 for the most, the biggest, the most totally clueless economics commentator has just found a worthy winner, in the utter cock, that is Mike Norman

Check some classic statements from this nonsense (linked from image below)

“Since march, Gold has done nothing..”

.. yep, up 50% odd, another good call Mike  😉

“There is soon to be the mother of all housing shortages in the US…”

hahahaha this is the best one, there’s now  One in Four US homeowners underwater on their mortgages, the banks are delaying foreclosures to the market by the millions so as not to tank prices completely, and so they can carry on pretending they have real assets not just bad loans, yet..

Numpty thinks there’s going to be a housing shortage. 🙂

Dear Oh Dear.

This dog wouldn’t profess to be a master of the human’s  “imaginary money” system, it’s actually quite counter-intuitive to dogs, as in Dog-world it’s pretty simple:-

…We either do have a fucking bone, (or clue)  or we don’t.

Lots of humans on the other hand convince themselves that they do in fact have some bones, (and clues) when in fact they don’t.

But (and this is the supposedly clever bit)  they represent their bones by pieces of paper, that they all seem to just trust that one day you can always swap the paper  back for the same amount of bones at some future point.

Dogs would never go for this, just try taking that bone away from Jake Pitbull and swapping it for a few bits of paper, it ain’t gonna go well.

These days however if the dog’s got it right, they don’t even have to bother printing the paper, they’re just typing numbers into the keyboard things and then they all seem to think that somehow represents real actual bones.

Numpty Norman however thinks that just typing numbers into the keyboard thing is a good idea, we don’t want to have to go back to actually “having” things, its just fine with all this paper and computer “money”, who needs real bones?

This dog is strongly advising any other dogs who do have some bones, not to let Mike “Numpty” Norman influence your thinking, you definitely want to be listening to the one called Schiff instead.

More classic Mike Norman nonsense

Peter Schiff vs Mike Norman Round II – is the US bankrupt?

Mike Norman is still a cock (John Thomas) 2010

Mike Norman vs Peter Schiff on Gold 2008 (great video 🙂 )


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