Posted by: doggings | January 30, 2012

Place Your Doggy Bets

So the dog’s always had a bit of a penchant for gambling, as apparently his granddoggy was quite a famous poker player,  its in doggings’  blood.


doggings granddoggy gambling

Lately, I’ve really gotten the bug for the modern version, the Japanese Housewives’  favourite –  Forex.

Being as simple dogs don’t understand the  imaginary paper game, we leave currencies to the 2 legged ones, and only play with imaginary  “real” things and therefore trade Gold, Silver or Oil.

But as this clearly isn’t the place or forum to go into this in much detail, Dog features has decided to set up a new blog to document his often very humorous online gambling  trading activities in detail.

Anybody with an interest in how what is an entirely logical mathematical activity can be completely dominated by the (canine) emotions of fear and greed might like to check it out  here in a couple of weeks  – Doggings trades gold and silver – and once dog-features has worked out how to do his own WordPress it would be entirely possible to take the exact opposite of the doggy trades and make good money.


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