Posted by: doggings | January 15, 2010

The REAL US Debt Figures!!

All the way back in Oct 2008 the Dog was chuckling at the absurdity of the US Debt Counter running out of Zeros, meaning that $ 10 Trillion (!!) was no longer enough..

In case anyone is under any misunderstandings as to the sheer, almost unimaginable size of a trillion Dollars, here’s a trillion dollar pile of $100 bills to enlighten you..

Trillion Dollars

See the little man at the top left there? 🙂

And TEN OF THESE warehouse fulls of money borrowed wasn’t enough, in fact just over a year later it’s now officially $12 Trillion..

However as we all know, the official figures are always wrong, optimistic in the extreme, and hiding the real truth, and hence pain..

The Real Figure is in fact…

…and counting.  ..go here to see it running live, it will prob have done a few hundred billion dollars more by then 🙂

…who but a complete moron, can’t see that this can only end in tears?

The age of the Goldbug fast approaches

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