Posted by: doggings | March 19, 2010

US General Says The Dutch Army are Gay

"Dutch Army is gay"

Haha dear oh dear, this is a funny one..

Well, probably not if you’re Dutch, or gay, and especially not if you’re a gay dutch soldier, or most especially a relative of the victims of the worst massacre seen in Europe since the Nazis last did their best to kill all the gays off, along with Jews, gypsies and anyone who tried to stand up to them.

From the BBC – US General says “its the gays fault”

Gen Sheehan had been speaking at a US Senate hearing on allowing gay people to serve openly in the US military.

He said Dutch leaders had told him that the presence of gay soldiers had contributed to the Bosnian massacre.

Srebrenica was a UN safe haven under the protection of Dutch peacekeepers when, in 1995, Bosnian Serb forces overran the town, killing some 8,000 Muslim men and boys.

Gen Sheehan said the former chief of staff of the Dutch army had told him that the presence of openly gay soldiers in the Dutch peacekeeping force were seen as “part of the problem” which contributed to the fall of Srebrenica.

The story allegedly goes that the Serbian forces swept in Srebrenica, and finding only a load of Dutch soldiers mincing around, they handcuffed them to lamp-posts, and then marched 8000 muslim people away and executed them.

Being an ex dog of war, I must say I do find it quite difficult to envisage 42 Commando Royal Marines, or 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment finding themselves handcuffed to lamp-posts whilst the people they were supposed to protect were casually murdered, but whether you can put it down to the (homo) sexuality of the troops involved in another question entirely.

On reflection the Dog thinks he probably would rather be peace-keeped by a heterosexual Army if at all possible.



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