Posted by: doggings | December 22, 2009

Facebook or Divorcebook?

Well, well, what a surprise, Facebook, (or Fuckbook, Shagbook, Stalkbook, knob-book etc etc) as the Dog’s heard various dudes calling it over the years, is facilitating, if not actually responsible for lots of divorces..

your mum loves it

...No.. what  ..really ? 🙂

“The social networking site was mentioned in one in five of all divorce petitions filed through an internet service.

Divorce-Online’s managing director Mark Keenan said he was ‘really surprised’ to find 989 clients making reference to Facebook in a study of 5,436 cases.

The most common reason seemed to be people having “inappropriate sexual chats” with people they were not supposed to,’ he added.

…Well yea, that, and slipping round shagging them while the wife’s out I suppose?


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