Posted by: doggings | July 9, 2010

Screw Insurance Scammers & Get Your Cash Back

So this week the Dog is a very happy pup indeed.

He’s never believed much in insurance, or more specifically in the companies themselves as lets face it, they’re in the business to make money, which statistically means that more people will pay them their fees than will collect.

So if you’re one of life’s gamblers you have good odds that you can usually just not bother, and deal with the problems, whether it be car, home or pet, whenever it arises, cheaper than paying insurance all that time and then claiming.

Especially as companies do all they can to wriggle out of paying using small print in their contracts, delaying payment, demanding receipts for 6 year old stuff, the list is endless of the ways they try to renege on their obligations, fuckers.

Of course there are exceptions, cars need 3rd party insurance, buildings need fire insurance, I’m not talking about real genuine insurance here I’m talking about this last decade’s insurance scams, since the Insurers decided they liked the Bankster’s action and decided to get in on it themselves.

Yes, all those scuzzy “would you like extended protection on that” scammers, the way Dixons wont sell you a PC without a sitdown consultation with one of their (insurance) sales staff whose prime purpose to be there is to get you to sign a 5 year cover policy for a $300 laptop, worth way more than the PC over that time.

And the worst of this lot are the PPI pedlars, Payment Protection Insurance, taken out on loans to cover payment, often bundled into the price without your knowledge or consent, just try and ever get one of those fuckers to pay come the time, I dare you.

Well anyway, enough ranting, the good news is that you can now quite likely get it back

See the vast majority of these policies were “mis sold” ie not suitable in one way or another, not even told, pressured, you name the ways the sleazeball commission-driven “salesters” dumped this crap onto people, if you can think of it, they already did it.

As it turns out, so has the dog over the years, albeit unwittingly in 2 of the three instances.

Well (huge) thanks to the guys at Simplicity PPI Claims the dog got a rather substantial cheque back last week, and immediately swapped it for some real money

Yep,  Gold.

In a way the dog’s quite grateful to all the Insurance thieves, unbeknownst to them they acted as a compulsory savings scheme, and although they thought that money was permanently stolen, turns out they were just hanging onto it for a few years when theres no doubt this dog woulda pissed that golden handshake up the wall.


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