Posted by: doggings | November 3, 2009

Why “They” Hate Gold

Is Gold an attractive proposition?

Please Consider the link quoted below..

The governments of every major nation are going to default on their debts

There are two relevant questions: (1) How? (2) When?

Establishments around the world all deny this. They have gained power and wealth by means of the expansion of government. They have justified their success by insisting that the government-business alliance is the only way to establish economic growth and economic security for the masses..”

And then please consider..

“Every paper currency in history eventually reaches its intrinsic value – zero – and the Fed’s Ben Bernanke is doing all he can to see that the dollar becomes worthless sooner rather than later. As Marc Faber told an investment conference crowd recently, Zimbabwe’s serial inflator Robert Mugabe is Bernanke’s mentor.”

Investing in Gold stops this nonsense dead in it’s tracks. Consider the following scenario and understand why paper money is theft, by it’s very nature.

“Suppose you buy some real estate and intend to hold it for 10 years.

You have the choice to pay either 200,000 dollars for the property or 200 ounces of gold (in American Eagle coins).  At the end of the 10 years, the value of the U.S. dollar has fallen in half.  All real estate, quoted in dollars, has doubled.  But the price of your property in gold is still 200 ounces.

Along comes the Internal Revenue Service and says, “Sir, you have made a handsome profit on your real estate.  You bought it for 200,000 dollars and sold it for 400,000 dollars.  Here is your tax bill.  You, however, reply, “I did not buy the property for dollars.  I bought it for ounces.  I paid 200 ounces, and I sold it for 200 ounces.  I made no profit at all.  My house did not go up; your dollar went down.  But since I did not use your dollars, what does that have to do with me?

But our governments and banks conspire to prevent this, by insisting that we trade in their paper currencies and enforce court orders to uphold their system. Then consider that



So you are forced to convert your real wealth into their paper pretend wealth, at which time they can then tax and inflate it away as required to suit their current needs.

What is wrong with the economic establishment todayis that it raises its capital by having the central bank create money out of nothing.  In effect, our governments are robbing us and giving to them.

It makes money, not by creating wealth, but by going into debt.  The more debt the more they make.  This was the cause of the enormous profits made by Wall Street in the early years of this century.  The problem with this system is that conditions change.

Their high-risk strategies which make lots of money in the early part of the cycle cause them to go belly up in the late part of the cycle.  The last time this happened the Government admitted that its function was to rob from the common people and give wealth to these powerful interests.

It argued that they were “too big to fail.”  Well, they got so big because the Government stole wealth from us and gave it to them.  They never produced any wealth.  And the whole purpose of Bernanke’s ultra-easy credit policy of 2008 was to steal more from us and give it to them.

The system cannot continue as it is going.  The stealing must either progress to the point that it destroys our society or it must stop.  In 4th century A.D. Rome, they chose the former path.

People stopped using money; the society reverted to barter, and the economy of western Europe collapsed.  The barbarians swept across the Empire, and millions of people died of war, plague and famine.”

When is the world going to wake up to this nonsense?


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