Posted by: doggings | September 28, 2009

Financial Armageddon is STILL coming you know?

The “wishful thinking” and well, just childlike (puppy obviously) gullibility of the general public never ceases to amaze this dog.  Obviously being a canine there was no dogmoney school, so the finer points of the bone trade escape me, but from about mid 2005 doggy instinct told me that all was not “great” or “well” or “rosy”, at all, and that everyone was living now on the promise of paying back shitloads of bones at some later point, and that was clearly wrong.

We either do have the fucking bones or we don’t, the whole worlds dogs can’t all borrow bones and live like from the great Bone-Master forever, it had to stop one day.

So this dog cashed in his kennel for bones back here

And since then everything has happened pretty much as it had to, including the start of the end of the current people-money system.

However, despite actually seeing the edge of what is to come, the humans en-masse all appear to think that they can escape their fate? Humans are wierd.

So at this point I’ll hand over to one of them who surprisingly does seem to understand – not like the way dogs just intuitively know, but this human seems to know the why’s too so over to him from here

We now have zero percent money, which is even better than the ½% charged by Japanese banks or 1% charged by central banks to lease gold. But that few sovereign bonds are attractive today’s borrowers are going into junk bonds, stock markets and even gold and silver.

That will continue as long as interest rates remain at current levels in the US. Despite efforts by some central banks, such as the Swiss and Canadians to hold the value of their currencies down, they continue to appreciate. As the Fed has said, zero interest rates will prevail for sometime to come. That means perpetual downward pressure on the dollar and continued upward pressure on gold and silver.

Low rates will last at least two more years, as will increasing money and credit in spite of all the rubbish we hear of exit strategies we hear from the Fed and the G20. Just pipe dreams and lies.

The nations are all trapped in a box and none of them can escape, unless they own gold and silver. Eventually the US bond market will collapse, as Wall Street believes what the Fed says.

The intersession of the Fed into markets has to continue or the system will collapse and deflation will take over. This desperate situation will force more and more players into the dollar carry trade into gold and silver. Monetary stimulus is the only thing that can keep the ship from sinking.

The dollar as we predicted will test USDX 71.18 by the end of October or at least by the end of the year.

The dollar is being dumped wholesale, something that should have happened ten years ago. It didn’t happen because of massive US pressure on all nations not to jump and play along within the game.

During the first six months of next year 71.18 will be broken. First to 65, then 60, then 55, then to 50 and perhaps to 40 giving new and greater impetus to higher and higher gold and silver prices as the dollar carry trade goes wild.

That means that probably the dollar will be officially devalued and debt will go to default in 2011.

They won’t be alone.

There will be another Smithsonian or Plaza type meeting and all currencies will be officially devalued or revalued against one another and all debt will be reduced by 2/3’s.

A new international trading unit will be formed and three old dollars will be replaced by one new dollar.

Do not ask how domestic debt will be settled because we do not know. Logically it should be on the same basis as international settlements, but who knows what these criminals will do.

Not only is the US financial structure doomed but also so is that of the entire world. That is why gold and silver investments are so important.

Gold and silver are breaking out because in part we have a carry trade that is looking for action and gold and silver markets are not reflecting their intrinsic value. They are way under priced due to the criminal activity of central banks, all of which are controlled by the Illuminists.

Eventually zero interest rates and the dollar carry trade, just like with the yen, will cause terrible distortion. Inflation since 1980, real inflation, demands gold over $6,000 an ounce. The question is how far will it go? Markets have a way of getting way overpriced and that could happen to gold and silver.

You say to yourself how could this happen? It didn’t just happen it was planned that way to force the world’s inhabitants to accept world government. Zero interest rates guarantees the destruction of new capital formation as money runs to asset accumulation or preservation of wealth.

Monetization is running rampant even at Treasury auctions as dealers buy for the Fed, the Fed buys through the Cayman Island and their swap partners use swap dollars to buy at the auctions as well.

We just found out from the Fed that they lied about gold swaps. What do you think the percentages are that they are lying about currency swaps and secret Fed buying of Treasuries from secret offshore locations? All this means gold will quickly hit $2,000 and climb to $3,000 in 2010. 2011 will be another doubling, and the end of phase 3. The question is will we have a phase 4? If we had to bet on it we’d say yes. Would you believe $12,000 or more? As this all transpires only about 15% of Americans will catch on and the rest will lose almost everything. Or perhaps, revolution will change that.

Julian Robertson, founder of Tiger Mgt. told CNBC, if the Chinese and Japanese do not buy our debt inflation could go to 15% to 20%. “It is a question of who would lend us the money if they don’t. They really control our destiny. They own almost exclusively short-term debt, because we cannot sell long-term debt. Americans need to start saving and we have to grow out of the problem.”

basically it’s coming bitches

-and there’s no amount of wishful thinking about “recoveries” going to make any difference, so just make sure you’re one of the 15%, and make sure you take care of your dogs, because within 3-5 years they’ll be worth much more to you than a pocket full of those paper bones you all value so much.


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