Posted by: doggings | December 8, 2008

New Puppy Cam !!

My girlfriend and I were bordering on distraught to tune into puppy cam tonight and find out that there was only 3 of the six left, they’ve started leaving to go to their new owners 😦 it was only a week or so ago we found them for the first time and they’ve been the source of endless cuteness and amusement ever since.

I expect some people will actually need counseling about their loss over this.

Never fear though, of course the world havent missed this lesson and there’s already another new  (Shiba Inu) Puppycam up and running and theyre’ only a week old.  aww.

but like what does uStream have shares in “Shiba Inu Corp” or something? yes they are cute but we want to see every type of puppies on live streaming so get on it 🙂



  1. Holy shit, no way. You watch the puppy cam too?! One of my friends randomly sent this to me a little over a month ago. I didn’t hear about the new cam though, that’s sweet!

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