Posted by: doggings | November 30, 2008

Funniest Palin Thread ever..

wilma palin

wilma palin

Not being American and not really watching the whole election thing at all, I missed all the Palin fun, I heard bits here and there but never quite realised the full extent of it..

I therefore instruct all my doggy followers to get yourselves over to Boing Boing and read the Palin believes Dinosaurs & Men once co-existed thread, it’s a classic.

Facts not withstanding,  (as no-one really cares what some dumb housewife from Alaska thinks now) some of the comments on this one are absolute genius, teasers below..

from the original article

Palin told him that “dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time,” Munger said. When he asked her about prehistoric fossils and tracks dating back millions of years, Palin said “she had seen pictures of human footprints inside the tracks,” recalled Munger

comments included..

…Don’t be silly, people. Their candidacy is crystalline evidence that a dinosaur and a primitive human can exist at the same time.

….Anyone who believes that the earth is about 6,000 years old simply does not have the intellectual seriousness necessary to be anywhere near the Oval Office.

…Palintology, right? 🙂

…I don’t think we can mock Sarah Palin’s view of history – were any of us actually there when dinosaurs roamed the world? No. McCain, however, was there, so Sarah knows what she is talking about.

…For me, it would take an awful lot of blind faith to believe the evolutionist view over a proven God creation. “There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the ends there of are the ways of death”. I praise Palin for standing up, in this case, for the Word of God.  !!?? 🙂

but the winner has to be a serious comment

A CBS poll three years ago found “Most Americans do not accept the theory of evolution. Instead, 51 percent of Americans say God created humans in their present form, and another three in 10 say that while humans evolved, God guided the process. Just 15 percent say humans evolved, and that God was not involved.”

That in itself is scary.

Is this for real?  seriously?  that’s some primitive beliefs for the (once) supposed “leaders of the world”

I mean really, how is this any more advanced than the fundamentalist Muslims the US are so intent on slaughtering in (their) mountains in Afganistan?


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