Posted by: doggings | November 16, 2008

Obama threatened by Osama?

fubarHe’s hardly been into president elect mode for a week and they’re already trying to scare him into complicity with their lame-ass terrorista-mongering.

The Timesonline reports that all the incumbent powers that be are already warning Obama that he’s about to be attacked, the current threat levels are severe, “the severe end of severe”, “there’s a huge plot gathering pace”

lalalalalalalaa………  DULL ! give it a fucking rest Bu-shites will you?

You climate of fear is well and truly installed, you’ve already pushed through all your outrageous civil liberty depriving legislation to allow you to control your dissenting people by force and imprisonment as required, and as we all know the real criminals & terrorists are in the Whitehouse and Wall St

NO ONE BELIEVES YOU ANY MORE (and that’s not an excuse to go doing it yourselves either before anyone gets any funny ideas 😉 )

Now Obama listen up and listen good, don’t you pay no attention to this nonsense you hear? Just get on and impeach and hang the Bush (and B Liar) ASAP

Terrorist threat my arse. Bush has killed more of your people now than 911 did.



  1. If Bush and cronies weren’t so busy spying on American citizens they might have had more of a chance of catching ‘teh bad guyz’.

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