Posted by: doggings | November 15, 2008

Credit Crunch Tips (seriously..)


So the previous post about how the credit crunch is affecting those who had nothing to do with it the worst, got me thinking about ways to try and make things a little better, so you maybe don’t have to abandon your best friends in the whole world in the streets.

If things have gotten that bad then there are multiple ways to save enough money to feed your friend, after all when you’re out in the streets because you borrowed more than you can afford to, you’re probably going to need all the friends you can get, aren’t you?

And as friends like that aren’t easy to find, I would maybe suggest

…holding onto the ones you already have!!

We can economize on spending in a great number of ways these days, and often with the help of the internet. A particular favourite of ours lately, and a fast growing trend in these budgetary challenged days is the obtaining of discount codes for things online, before you go and buy them, considerable savings can be made this way..

You know, large enough discounts to save enough to buy a can of food everyday for your best and most loyal friend in the world and not have to betray their love and trust by abandoning them to whatever fate awaits them, you know, little things like that..

There’s a whole list of the more mundane household things you can do to save money here credit crunch tips and another on budget travel tips here so there’s no excuses now.

I’ll give you one final free tip too, if you’re looking to marry rich, cross bankers off the list of eligible suspects for a little while now, and if you should happen to find any recently landed on the pavement from a great height be sure to drag the useless carcass down to your local RSPCA where it can be put to better use and do far more good than it ever managed while talking and breathing  😉


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