Posted by: doggings | November 15, 2008

Credit Crunch for Dogs

Right, rant time..

WTF!!???!!! is the matter with us British? “Credit crunch blamed for abandoned dogs

rotties abandoned

rotties abandoned

Yvonne Rigby, a volunteer walker at the RSPCA shelter for the past five years, said the last 18 months had been the worst she has known.

She said:

“Big dogs suffer most. We have had eight or nine Rottweilers tied up outside, just dumped. They are lovely dogs and range from very young to about four years old. I don’t know if it is the credit crunch or what but we are really struggling. We have 60 dogs in the shelter.”

Yvonne, who has five dogs of her own, said it was increasingly difficult to place large dogs and feared the cost of caring for them put people off.

She added:

“It has been as bad with strays. We have a waiting list for dogs coming in but haven’t been able to take them because so many have been pouring in from the dog wardens.”

Kay McCormick of the centre said:

“I don’t know if it is just the cost of keeping big dogs, but dumpings, like the spate of Rottweilers, seems to be a fashion trend.  These lovely dogs are used as fashion statements, and in the wrong hands get a bad image and end up being dumped.”

Right listen up, this stops now. Your dog would never, ever, abandon you.

Think about that, he would put himself between you and mortal danger to protect you, he would die for you, to protect you.

If you are one of these skanky lowlife fucks who thinks it’s OK to get a dog like this to make you look good or whatever, but at the first sign of any slight hardship you take your best and most loyal friend in the world, and tie him up somewhere and leave him there…??!!!!  ..then we need to meet.

If you are the kind of person who can just take your best friend and dump them somewhere the moment (money ffs!!) gets a little tight, then you are substandard and you should not be allowed to breed, and I will gladly perform a quick and painful neutering for you (the 2 bricks method)

You will never, ever in your whole life meet a single human being that truly has the capacity for the kind of pure unconditional, and undying love a dog has for his master.

Do you think if you got a bit down on your luck he would leave you? Do you think if you were broke in the streets he would leave you? do you think if you lost both your legs he would even care?

Kanye West said..

If I were on the highest cliff, on the highest reef, and you slipped off the side and clinched on to your life in my grip, I would never, ever let you down..

I dont believe this for a minute from him, he is after all human and therefore mainly self interested, but this is utterly true of man’s best friends.

This is something for humankind to aspire to.

you fucking people make me sick to the core.



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