Posted by: doggings | October 29, 2008

Right it’s all been a bit to much work-work-work these last few weeks, and what financial WMD’s going off all over the place, plus more and more liklihood the Bush warcrimes trial may actually happen, along with the excitement, the atmosphere at home has been getting a bit maudlin.

Hence the Mrs isn’t really up for it much anymore, and I’m getting that “you need to seduce me…” look from her all over again.. Ho Hum, hence we’re looking at expensive weekends away somewhere I think..

We’re off snowboarding again soon in a few weeks time anyway and staying in an amazing ski chalet which will cost an arm and a leg but I think I need to actually do the whole romantic weekend thing.  Which is an issue as it’s not really doglike,  I have not a single naturally romantic bone in my body.  ..well maybe one 😉

So I’m looking at this site thinking about some kind of short city break or something and tried a google search to see what else is about and up comes again, the dog hasnt seen or heard much of them since they were the next big thing back when I was last imprisoned in an office for up to 12 hours at a time.

They bombed out of the stock exchange back in  2005 and have not had their backsides sniffed at once since. Are they any good or what? can’t seem to see easily if they made a profit yet, they hadn’t back in 2005.

bit worrying really, I think the mrs would be more impressed with the whole saucy weekendedness approach from the Smith lot really and I should probably support the local guy rather than some company that’s been on the stockmarket and off again in shame and still not made a profit in ten years?

besides one of my friends writes for them on their travel blog ..maybe I can go check out their pet friendly collection or something..

Oi Smith, gis a dog a job?  promise not to “mark” the reception 😉




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