Posted by: doggings | October 24, 2008

Dollar Death Knell – One Month to Live?

“Can you hear that?” – that, Mr Anderson is the sound of inevitability…”

from US $ Dollar death dance

The Credit Default Swaps are capable of burning Hiroshima holes all over the US financial system, resulting in US Economic implosion from eliminated bank and financial system structures almost entirely. The process has only begun, but in darkness. The other purpose for big bailouts was to prevent CDSwap explosions, risking a string of bombs to go off. The key aspect of CDSwap contracts is their hidden nature, with fuses intersecting in the dark.

Arabs clearly lust to control and manage a global gold trading center. It will be in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The new Gulf dinar currency will pave the road to that center. The Gulf Coop Council is biding time, cutting time delay deals, warding off pressure by the USGovt, appeasing with weapons contracts from the USMilitary, and is working behind the scenes to create a new dinar currency. The new Gulf dinar is likely to be primarily gold in its backing. So, foreign nations will soon be forced to purchase the dinar for all or most of crude oil payments. This forces the purchase of gold in order to purchase crude oil. The demand for gold will thus fortify the global banking system, by means of commodity settlements. Many details are unknown, but the basic structure has been slowly come to light. A new motive flashes red in front of Arabs to institute some changes FAST. The crude oil price is down, cut in half from July. Their revenues are sharply reduced. Russia figures into the complex deal to launch the dinar. The Saudis and small sheikdoms need security protection. The next chapter will involve protection amidst a gold-backed currency, not a military-backed currency, in Saudi eyes.

from US currency collapse with 30 days

I am certain the US is less than a month away from a $ currency collapse. The fed and treasury are not even taking the time to think at this point: they are just throwing money and guarantees at each new problem that pops up without worrying about the consequence. Since no one can imagine a currency collapse, there isn’t the political will to take the painful steps needed to prevent it (reign in fed and let institutions fail). The forces and trends behind the financial collapse are too powerful to stop.

If you have wealth and don’t own gold, then you will soon be poor.

Why does anyone give a shit who wins the election, it aint gonna matter…



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