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Disband the Military Industrial Complex

Anyone might think that I have some connection or am being paid to plug the Market Oracle the amount I go on about it but I cannot stress highly enough how good this site is.

today’s gem from Andrew Butler’s contribution

It’s hard to explain this to a rocket-scientist banker (don’t even try and explain it to an accountant), but the time to write 110% mortgages with teaser rates is when the assets are under-priced, not over-priced. Paradoxically, now is the right time to start relaxing LTV levels not tightening them.

Disband the Military Industrial Complex

No I’m not a hippy, a communist or an apologist for bandits.

Quite a large chunk of the “plans” could be paid for if the US Government realize that they can no longer afford their grand illusion of super-cop or that the might of the military will protect the American people from unseen dangers. And if it fails to do that, well logically all you have to do is spend more.

Sorry to spoil the fairy-tale, but the real terrorists all lived on Wall Street and they caused more damage to ordinary Americans than Osama bin Ladin could possibly have dreamed of, and that’s just so far, wait until this all unfolds.

Perhaps the time has come for Rambo to stop acting out his Hollywood Joan of Arc fantasies. If Iraq and the Middle East oil states (and Israel and NATO) want to go on getting “protection” then they should pay for it. They can afford it.

The fantasy is like a script for a James Bond movie that some bad man might take over the oil supplies and then, out of spite cut off USA . The logic of why is mysterious; a more likely outcome is that the bad man would increase the price…umm, but “bad men” already did that didn’t they?

The “evidence” for that happening in reality is about as solid as those blurred pictures that Colin Powell was touting. It is pointless spending trillions of dollars, just in case this happens. Let the “bad men” take over the oil, and in the unlikely event that they start acting silly, well, Nuke the bastards.

If the US Government cuts their budget for defense in half, and then cuts it in half again, and uses the trillions of dollars that are saved on repairing the economy, that will be a sign to ordinary Americans that their government is really interested in protecting them and putting their best interests above the interests of the lobbyists and crony capitalists that currently run the show.

And a sign to the world that what’s in store is a “U” not an “L”.

By Andrew Butter

..and what’s the betting eh? …can’t see it.



  1. I would take a job in Iraq or Afghanistan in a heart beat.

    The momentum of our economic base will change with economic factors beyond our, your and my, control.

    For that matter I would take a commission in a heart beat.

    It may not be the best possible war(s) but the only war(s) we have.

    There are times in the events of nations when individuals do not control the direction of history, and times when individuals do.

    Distinguishing between the two is crucial to success individually and collectively.

  2. i pride myself on being reasonably intelligent and yet have no clue what you’re talking about.

    give it up, they are hidings to nothing and the US will soon have far, far greater problems than what’s happening in the middle east.

    forget about war and look inwards.

  3. The remark was on the business of war.

    It was pragmatic, yet reflected, looking inward
    at the course the nation is on today.

    It also alluded to the catastrophic economic disaster
    we face with the “bailout” (FM, private banks, insurance co, and now foreign banks) printing dollars by computer columns rather than currency.

    The gravity of our position, course, and prospects today is very serious, therefore I agree completely serious events are about to swirl around us, out of our control other than to survive individually.

    As to inward reflection- some is good, too much is not productive. The greater the wisdom and understanding with which we are blessed, the greater the frustration at the less than optimal course set by others.

    However, to be fair and balanced the military is military, not Wall Street and not directing the course of events, but do put life and limb out there on behalf of the United States of America when ordered to a mission. They are doing so this day and hour.

    Of the business of war, I do not count the boots on the ground as profiteers in any fashion, but the most American of Americans- 50% of which are citizen soldiers in theater.

    I too might rant about those things I have no control over in our nation, hemisphere, and world, but I do not attempt to blame those who only players on the stage since the script and direction is at the hands of those behind the scenes and never at personal risk.

  4. hey i don’t disagree with any of that.

    the individual soldiers are not to blame, but the culture of war, and thinking that it is:

    a) the US’ job to do these things
    b) the general willingness shown to go do it by individuals
    c) the general willingness shown by the public to have it done in their names..

    all plays a part.

    time to stop.

  5. […] You climate of fear is well and truly installed, you’ve already pushed through all your outrageous civil liberty depriving legislation to allow you to control your dissenting people by force and imprisonment as required, and as we all know the real criminals & terrorists are in the Whitehouse and Wall St […]

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