Posted by: doggings | October 7, 2008

Bush a War Criminal?

Awesome. The prosecution of George W Bush for Murder

about time, this has been ranted about a lot in dogland over the last 5 years, most recently in a dog’s eye view of this post from April – 81% of Americans, and finally (altho late to hear about it as always, it was out in May) people are starting to speak the words, no write the book..

I want to see Bush’s (and Bliar’s) twitching feet dangling from the ropes. this guy is pure cold evil.

I quote.

*Even assuming, at this point, that Bush is criminally responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 people in the Iraq war, under federal law he could only be prosecuted for the deaths of the 4,000 American soldiers killed in the war. No American court would have jurisdiction to prosecute him for the one hundred and some thousand Iraqi deaths since these victims not only were not Americans, but they were killed in a foreign nation, Iraq. Despite their nationality, if they had been killed here in the States, there would of course be jurisdiction.

**Indeed, Bush himself, ironically, would be the last person who would quarrel with the proposition that being guilty of mass murder (even one murder, by his lights) calls for the death penalty as opposed to life imprisonment. As governor of Texas, Bush had the highest execution rate of any governor in American history: He was a very strong proponent of the death penalty who even laughingly mocked a condemned young woman who begged him to spare her life (“Please don’t kill me,” Bush mimicked her in a magazine interview with journalist Tucker Carlson), and even refused to commute the sentence of death down to life imprisonment for a young man who was mentally retarded (although as president he set aside the entire prison sentence of his friend Lewis “Scooter” Libby), and had a broad smile on his face when he announced in his second presidential debate with Al Gore that his state, Texas, was about to execute three convicted murderers.

In Bush’s two terms as Texas governor, he signed death warrants for an incredible 152 out of 153 executions against convicted murderers, the majority of whom only killed one single person. The only death sentence Bush commuted was for one of the many murders that mass murderer Henry Lucas had been convicted of. Bush was informed that Lucas had falsely confessed to this particular murder and was innocent, his conviction being improper. So in 152 out of 152 cases, Bush refused to show mercy even once, finding that not one of the 152 convicted killers should receive life imprisonment instead of the death penalty. Bush’s perfect 100 percent execution rate is highly uncommon even for the most conservative law-and-order governors.

I think this Palin loon would be every bit as bad.

Palin in my view has proved her qualifications for the job. Yesterday (09-11-2008) she sent her young son off to battle in Iraq to fight against “the enemies who planned and carried out and rejoiced in the deaths of thousands of Americans” on 9-11 seven years ago. What better evidence do we need of this woman’s solid grasp of foreign affairs, history and combat?

boy you lot sure know how to pick your leaders dontcha?



  1. If Bush is guilty of war crimes or violating the Geneva Convention he should be tried and sentenced like any other criminal.

  2. There not my leader’s… They are pure evil… They are not Elites, but the Pond Scum. Not much to say on the topic; except people need to realize peace. Internal calm, peace, and let it manifest outwards into the world. These bastards do feed off of fear. fuck them all.

    United In Peace And Freedom

  3. @ stophate, thanks for dropping by. war crimes, crimes against his own people, there’s plenty of reason for me to be yanking on his feet on the end of the rope..

    @mateo, hear you.

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  5. Contempt for the world is what allows me to continue living in it. Matthew Lotti

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