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Credit Crunch – David Icke Right All Along?

Having seen David Icke – “the best known conspiracy theorist today” commit credibility suicide live when he announced he was the son of God, live on Wogan, in the turquoise tracksuit, I like the rest of my generation, have always been mildly amused whenever people mention his name ever since.

I was therefore quite surprised to see an interesting newsletter he published back in March, and republished on an Illuminati conspiracy board about the debt, money, consumerist economy and where it has brought us – the credit crunch and the latest (bit drop in the ocean) handout of $700 billion.

As an open minded skeptic, that is I am skeptical of everybody equally, both CTers and “skeptics” alike (and everybody else as well) I’m, well an “equal opportunities” cynic about human nature,  I do still regard a lot of what he says as pure “woo” of the highest order, but as I have always maintained, (and taken flack for myself on JREF) some of this does look like it could be possible.

With the benefit of hindsight, his financial rantings now seem pretty bang on. Taking on a reptilian form is still not doing it for me unfortunately..

Any JREF pseudo skeptics reading this, please do debunk (and therefore hand me back my sanity at the idea David Icke was right all along, you’ll be telling me the meaning of life is actually 42 next) any incorrect financial statements he makes that you are aware of, otherwise it looks as tho Ol’ Jesus himself had that down nearly correct at least..  lol at that.

highlights include:

I’ll summarise first what I have been saying since the early 1990s about the ‘economic cycle’ of ‘boom and bust’ and then have a look at what is happening today from that perspective.

It is, lest we forget, the private banks that bring ‘money’ into circulation by issuing lines of ‘credit’, which is ‘money’ that has never, does not, and will never exist. Money is merely mythical figures on a screen that is only worth anything because we take it seriously and believe it to be worth anything. It only has purchasing power because the receiver believes it has purchasing power. It’s all a mind game.

When you take out a loan from a bank (put more ‘money’ into circulation through accepting credit) the bank doesn’t print any notes, mint any coins or move precious metals anywhere. It simply types into your computer account the sum of mythical figures-on-a-screen ‘credit’ that you have agreed to be ‘loaned’.

In fact, the bank has loaned you nothing except figures on a computer file and yet from that moment you start paying interest on money that has never, does not, and will never exist. Banking is nothing more than legalised fraud and the biggest organised crime in history. The Mafia are petty criminals by comparison.

As Robert H. Hemphill, a one-time credit manager at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta once said:

‘This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous, if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent money system.

When one gets a complete grasp of the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible, but there it is. It is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilisation may collapse, unless it becomes widely understood and the defects remedied very soon.’

And so to today’s ‘banking crisis’. It’s a classic.

Since the last ‘economic downturn’ (trawl of the real wealth) there has been a global orgy in ‘consumer debt’ (we are no longer people, we are ‘consumers’, just a cog in the economic machinery). By last year, Americans owed a staggering $16 trillion dollars – that’s $2.4 trillion in personal loans and $13.6 trillion borrowed for their homes.

$53 trillion.
Total US debt in 2007 (and it’s bigger now): $53 trillion.

In the UK, a nation of some 60 million compared with America’s 300 million, the debt levels have similarly soared to record highs. Personal debt in Britain passed £1 trillion ($2 trillion) in 2004, just seven years after it passed through the half a trillion barrier. It has since expanded by another nearly £400 billion and Britain’s personal debt is increasing by more than £1 million every four minutes.

The banking cartel has taken the debt to record levels because it is preparing for a record trawl. It is the vehicle for the Illuminati families to create the chaos from which they can offer their solution – a new global economic system which gives them more control than ever before. They want this eventually to be administered by a world central bank via a single world currency that would be purely electronic with no cash in circulation at all.

Interesting huh? then while writing this I found a recent documentary that asked the same question a little while ago.

and he then finishes his newsletter  with this, which is when I decided that right or wrong, David’s not such a bad old nutter after all.

Only after the last tree has been cut down
Only after the last river has been poisoned
Only after the last fish has been caught
Only then will you find you cannot eat money

nobody can argue with that.



  1. I like David Icke. I also like Michael Tsarion. They are both on the mark regarding operations of the banks. They both go in depth into Occult origins/rituals/ceremonies/etc. regarding the Elite’s….or wanna be elites’.

    Bush 41 is the jackass who said NWO in his State of the Union address. Now your a kook to udder the same words as the president…..amazing!

    I do see opposing sides. Most obvious is Russia, and China. Lessor known is NAM (Non Aligned Movement). It is something to look into.

    United In Peace And Freedom

  2. I haven’t seen evidence that the “banking cartel” is urging a Single Global Currency, despite my efforts to interest them in this goal. It is in the best interests of everyday citizens to work for a Single Global Currency. The challenge for the world is to make a smooth and safe transition to a Single Global Currency as soon as possible.
    The success of the euro has shown the world that monetary union is a solid foundation for monetary stability and the optimal monetary union will be a Global Monetary Union. The euro is likely to be the core of the Single Global Currency in such a monetary union, not because it’s superior to the U.S. dollar, but because it’s managed for many countries rather than for one country.
    The Single Global Currency Association promotes the implementation of a Single Global Currency, within a Global Monetary Union and managed by a Global Central bank, by the year 2024. With the successful use of the euro and other common currencies, more and more people and organizations and nations are seeing the advantages of monetary unions. Our website is at
    The Association recently published the 2008 Edition of my book, The Single Global Currency – Common Cents for the World. A copy of the 2007 edition is available at the Munchen personal archive at and on the Association’s website.
    The goal of 2024 is only 16 years away. If one looks at the world before the 2002 distribution of the euro to the people of the EMU, you would have seen in 1986 a Europe with a Soviet Union, an East Germany and a Berlin Wall. At that time, most Europeans would have scoffed at the idea of a new monetary union.
    The benefits of a Single Global Currency include:
    – Zero transaction costs to exchange currencies. Presently, $3.2 trillion is traded every trading day and all this trading and its associated costs, approximately $400 billion annually, can be eliminated.
    – The end of currency fluctuations and currency speculation.
    – The end of “Balance of Payments”, “Current Account” and “global imbalances” problems for currency areas. There will, of course, still be trade and wealth inequalities, and more visibly; but they will not be compounded by the problem of foreign exchange transactions and reserve requirements. There would be no need for countries to maintain international reserves of other currencies.
    – Zero manipulation by countries of their currencies, and thus no more need to cajole and jawbone any particular country or currency area about the value of its currency.
    – Zero risk of national and regional currency crises such as occurred in the 1990’s in Mexico, Argentina, Malaysia, South Korea and Russia.
    – Minimal inflation, assuming that the future global central bank sets and achieves a low inflation rate, just as the European Central Bank has done. It’s not clear that a zero inflation rate can be secured, as that would bring an economy perilously close to deflation and a deflation spiral, but certainly a low rate of inflation would be better for the world than the current rates.
    – Worldwide asset values will increase by about $36 trillion due to the elimination of currency risk. Such an increase in asset values will cause annual worldwide GDP to increase by about $9 trillion.
    – With no currency risk, worldwide interest rates would be lower.
    – With zero risk of currency failure and zero manipulation and minimal inflation, the Single Global Currency would satisfy the moral obligation that a stable currency should be considered as a fundamental human right, as is the right to own property. A Single Global Currency would be far more stable than the currencies presently used by billions of human beings
    While all these benefits are expected upon the implementation of a Single Global Currency, considerable benefits will also come during the implementation processes which will see the reduction of national currencies as predicted and welcomed recently by Benn Steil in Foreign Affairs.
    Of course, not all economists agree with the goal of a single global currency. For those who would label the single global currency utopian, we call their attention to the euro, which began as a plan only about 30 years ago. Who would have thought in the 1970’s that Europe would not only adopt a common currency, but also that its member countries would discard their old currencies?
    The single global currency might be an enlarged transformation of one of the current major currencies (dollar, euro, yen), perhaps with a new name such as “dey”, “eartha”, “geo”,”globo” or “worldo” or it might be a new currency with such a name. How we get to that point is, of course, a major challenge, but there are several possible routes. One is to continue the trend of creating and expanding regional monetary unions, and then combine those monetary unions into one. Another is for smaller countries to continue to “ize” their nations’ legal tender, as in “dollarize” and “euroize”, as has been done in El Salvador and Monaco. Compatible with all these and other routes is the need to convene an international monetary conference of nations, monetary unions and related organizations, and begin planning for the implementation of a single global currency.
    Organizations such as the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements, and individual economists should begin to carefully research and write about the benefits claimed above for the Single Global Currency, and about the costs, too. When the vast benefits become better known, the people of the world will demand a Single Global Currency and ask why we have been burdened so long with the existing multicurrency system, which Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell describes as “absurd.”

  3. […] enough, much like David Icke, all those “survivalists” with their well stocked mountain hideouts and guns and ammo […]

  4. you’re the one engineering it, though they don’t want the one you’ve proposed! You’re PART OF THE AGENDA!

  5. I am a South African and a Zulu in particular, the same tribe as Credo Mutwa a close friend to David Icke.

    Credo is a Zulu shaman who has predicted the death of Princess Diana in fact David met Credo when he came to interview him on that.

    Credo predicted that former President Verwoed of South Africa would be stabbed to death, yes it happen He was stabbed in parliament during parliamentary session.

    Credo predicted that President Thabo Mbeki will not finish His term of office, yes His party African National Congress recalled Him.

    Credo predicted that two white high profile business persons and a black government official will be implicated in drug trafficking and the other one will die in a car crash, yes Bret Kebble and Glen Agglioti were implicated and Bret Kebble died in a controversial car crash which is believed to be an assisted suicide. Jackie Selebi the former National Commissioner of South African Police Service and former chairman of Interpol is currently investigated by the National Prosecution Authority of South Africa for charges linked to drug trafficking.

    Credo has warned the world about Obama in his recent poem found on Icke’s website.

    My point is that if Credo as somebody of this nature identifies with crazy claims by Icke, it leaves us worrying!
    Keep an open mind after all Icke could be RIGHT ALL ALONG!!!!!!!

  6. None of you get it.

    Icke et al can offer very interesting and moving discussions about the modern monetary system that will even have non-conspiranoids convinced.

    This isn’t a lie, it just misses the simple fundamental truth.

    There’s no such thing as money, there never has been, and there never will be. It’s an idea humans developed so they wouldn’t have to trade goods for more goods, but a unified “commodity” which they can all share; money.

    If I grow some grain, and someone offers me a vast amount of electronic credit, or suitcase of paper money to buy it, or four hundred years ago they offer some large heavy bags of coins; Icke’s right, none of this really exists. It’s all just electronic numbers, or pieces of paper, or heaps of metal – it’s all an artificial numbers game which we all play, for the mutual benefit of convenience.

    Credit is a concept thousands of years old, as is money, but it’s all just been a numbers game where people can always argue this bunch of electronic numbers, those lumps of metal, that piece of paper means nothing – but it’s always been this way, we all agree it means something not because the banks tell us so, but because it’s in everyone’s interest to have a common imaginary trade commodity, which everyone can use.

    Icke may be right; the money isn’t actually, actually worth anything – but a farmer can buy a new piece of machinery without having to give the blacksmiths enough corn to haggle for the necessary metals, oils, plastics, energy and materials they use to make one. What if the miners have got food, but want wood for their new housing instead? Or they want the smithys to make some gold jewellery first, so the smithers have to use the corn to haggle some gold from some OTHER miners first….all the while the farmer’s waiting to get the next piece of machinery before the harvest or he’ll have to give some of it away just to hire some local hands, assuming they’re not already busy with other things….

    Money makes society simple and convenient to trade in. It’s always been “worthless”, because it’s always been an imaginary concept. One that works. Welcome to the last 5000 years, where have you been?

  7. @Larry :

    I think you are missing the important point. :

    In the past it was about metal coins and the economic appreceation of the

    intrinsic value the metal occupied within that society.

    Or any other rare commodity in a certain region ( gold, Salt, diamond etc)

    The Trick happened when the Banksters printed paper money wich does not

    have an intrinsic value except for paper and ink wich is worth almost


    The Banksters tricked us to give our REAL SIlver coins and receive

    worthless paper for it.

    The next Trick was the creation of ”shares” , these represent the real-

    world value of a company, and the long-term obligations those of


    The monetary value of these shares could be manipulated upwards or

    downwards, in order to bring a company or country on its knees. Then the

    cheap shares could be bought very cheaply.

    ( Example: 1933 USA Roosevelt. Economic crisis started in the stock market

    and by using the greed of mankind)

    Another way of a hostile takeover is by means of war. The Signed peace

    agreement is the legal document for the takeover and the dominion of the


    After most wars only the owners change the system stays the same:


    ( Example ; The peace treaty of Versailles with representatives of the

    Rotshild banking dynasty wich fuled the discontent of the german people.

    This is the biggest reason for support of Hitler)

    I’d like to have your response.


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