Posted by: doggings | October 4, 2008

End of the Dollar $ ? !!

Im not taking any pleasure in this you know, just because I saw it coming and bailed in 2005/06.

What is amusing me most about a fairly unfunny scenario is that you can now get away with saying stuff that would have had JREF members woo-ing you off in an instant, and these aforementioned JREF types have now only 2 recourses..

They either have to pretend they always knew it all along and always said that there was some truth to those banking conspiracy films.. Or.. just sheer honest humbleness (finally) at being wrong. You can now blatently actually ask questions like “so is this really the end of capitalism? and there’s no smugness nor condescension from them back any more, ..more like… “well.. it just may be..”

So then this week’s question, once again the Market oracle is on the money we think, bye bye US $ Dollar.

Can it really be? The dollar sunk and dead in the water? yep, we think possibly so.

This lot (Market Oracle) have consistently predicted what will happen, from the beginning of the debacle, a week ahead of the news constantly, and the vast majority of the time, spookily accurately.

I was even wondering if they haven’t got some insider trader thing going down with someone from the future. (Joke JREFer’s 🙂 )

The point is, well, read the article. US $ Dollar Doomed

and while you’re at it, read this one too, why it was always going to happen

These are top tips, miss at your peril.



  1. Hey,

    You’ve got a great site here, and are definitely putting out good information.

    It is absolutely pathetic that these NWO bastards are in OUR faces; with their absolute deceit. It is simply a test to see how easily we can be pushed; how much control they “feel” comfortable with. Yep, sometimes I want to scream, but the test of time will prove them to be the ultimate loser’s. They are the Pond Scum, and will pay cosmically. I have no doubt.

    United In Peace And Freedom

  2. […] – Dollar Death Blow ? Yep, as predicted by those that know, and proudly regurgitated here end of the dollar by those who at least know how to find those that do know, ” The Dollar is toast“ […]

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