Posted by: doggings | September 29, 2008

End of capitalism ?

well maybe, we’re not really quite sure yet, maybe as we currently know it.  but humour can always brighten even the darkest day and Rick, from Newcastle gets our vote today for this little gem regarding the

failed vote on the 700 billion rescue package

    “So now they need a rescue package for the bailout package??
    You couldn’t make it up.”

    rick, newcastle, uK

and if you haven’t seen this, please watch it now. eye opening is a total understatement. if you know better please debunk it here because it looks pretty believable to me.  this looks why it’s happening, and ultimately, probably had to at some point anyway.

Money as Debt. wtf?!!



  1. […] at being wrong. You can now blatently actually ask questions like “so is this really then end of capitalism? and there’s no smugness from them back this time, more  “well.. it just may […]

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