Posted by: doggings | May 2, 2008

This is what’s wrong with Love

This is really sad.

We love each other, we get on so great, I love her to bits, but we both have fundamental needs and differences that require of the other, to be something they are not.

Neither of us want to split up, but deep down we both know that it is probably inevitable, eventually.

..This is what is wrong with “Love”.

It is primarily a set of biochemical conditions in the brain, set off by whatever natural processes and stimuli, using systems that have obviously worked well for millions of years, but in the modern world, my modern world anyway, it gets it fucking wrong. continually. every time.

..and then it takes fucking ages for you to even feel like dipping your toe again, and then quite often ruins the next relationship (or two) for you before you even start them, whether from your side – if you didn’t wait long enough, or conversely quite often from theirs, their hang ups, their baggage even if you did. (wait long enough)


the world would be a lot simpler without it.


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