Posted by: doggings | April 26, 2008

Troll v2.0 continued..

In an update to the previous Troll v2.0 post I’ve been in an email exchange and directed to a couple of internet addresses of old ghost forums which have been the scene of trolling scams mentioned previously.

This is one such (fake) forum “set up to ensnare the internet’s thronging hordes of vigilante “keyboard warriors” belonging to the “The ACA” mentioned in the previous post.

Its quite difficult to make out what exactly went on in there and it looks like the work of kids on both sides really, but by all accounts had up 150 people glued to their computers at any one time, for 2 weeks solidly while it played out echoed across every martial arts forum, with victims running around arranging venues for fights, forum invasions, legal agreements, referees, waivers, disclaimers and in general wasting lots of their time.

I asked if surely the trolls have to waste an equal amount of time and was told that although it can take up a fair amount of time, as they are running the game, they can choose the timing of things and post as and when they want to to draw it along.

As they are also a global organisation spread across 4 timezones with up to 20 members active, and everybody is able to access any and all forum accounts they can basically run a shift pattern so nobody really needs to put in more than an hour or two.

It kind of boggles my mind that seemingly intelligent successful people would go to such lengths and organisation to basically waste silly people’s time, but when I put this to my new aquaintance (again) over email he replied..

“..well yes I do see what you mean, but its ultimately what we do is more constructive than wasting away your life playing Wii or Dungeons & Dragons etc because we are like the internet’s instant Karma, the worse they behave, the deeper they dig themselves, the sillier we make them look ultimately. ..At least if we have them glued to their computers ranting and screaming theyre not out hurting people and we have a pretty good chance of getting through to them in the end.”

It takes all sorts I suppose


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