Posted by: doggings | April 18, 2008

It’s ALL about the timing…

Have you ever pondered how life swings entirely around timing?

Every event, without exception is fundamentally based around the timing of all of the other events that ultimately lead to it. Just consider that properly for a moment if you haven’t before.

Timing has played a critical role thoughout the entire history of the universe, every tiny little individually insignificant event, leading to every single interaction between every single living creature on our planet, right throughout the whole evolution of life, leading up to where you sit reading this right now. ..and beyond, ad infinitum.

A matter of a few moments can, and more importantly to understand, always does make the difference between things going spectacularly well, or spectacularly badly in any given situation, and in any outcome in between, it’s always all about the timing.

Win or lose by milliseconds, to even be here at all, you already won your own little “sperm dash” lottery, against all the odds, and beat the hundreds of millions of others dashing to the prize, maybe only by a few milliseconds or two.

The game of life plays out with timing as the random element of chance, a few moments earlier and you could meet the most important person in your (alternative) life (you never had, because you were running just a few moments later.) ..Or you could be a just few moments earlier home, and disturb your future murderer.

Or of course, any slightly less significant events in between 🙂

but its always a sobering thought to me that plan as we might, strive and work towards our goals, ultimately it’s little better odds than a game of random roulette with timing acting as the croupier, banker and casino security guard.


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