Posted by: doggings | April 7, 2008

81% of Americans?

A friend of mine wrote a great post regarding the US’ impending meltdown, a far better literary piece than this tirade will turn out I am confident, but this needs to be said.

The thing that always strikes me, is that every US citizen you meet outside of the US (and I have never been there, as there would now have to be an exceedingly good reason for that to happen, they can take my biometric lifesigns and data and add me to their database, ooh, sometime between my cold dead body hitting the pavement and hell freezing over) are usually pretty decent people, and mostly not all all how Americans generally appear, and are to the man (or woman) apologetic, often outright ashamed about the behaviours of their country & peoples these last years.

You know its a sad thing to say really, but the impending financial hardship & pain etc cannot possibly even compare to the human tragedies America have caused since 2001, the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians butchered at the mercy of US Military might under the control of clinically deluded, if not outright evil people.

Their military toys defy belief at the distance and ease with which you can take lives, as though on a playstation, and then laugh about it all the way back to your full size McDonalds installed inside the airbase in Iraq or Afganistan, to the sounds of “The roof is on Fire” in your Abrams.

And what now? You did this, to Iraq, the Middle East, to yourselves, to us. What now you have problems at home once more? and they’ve gotten so big that even your faithful right wing war-mothers have finally caught on? it’s senseless, pointless, and youre fucking LOSING.

You lost from the moment you defied the UN and became a State Sponsored Terrorist organisation, illegally killing hundreds of thousands of people, answerable to no-one except Lockheed’s fucking shareholders, and “The Bush” in your lame-arse “”War on Terror” You may have well have had a war against the waves coming up the beach, although I believe someone once tried that far back in history, but as you yanks havent even learnt the lessons from 20 years ago no-one would expect you to know (or care) anything about another countries history or culture, and, well, that would be about right wouldnt it?

This will likely be the worst recession the US have ever faced, and I dont mean financially, (who knows, it may just be a blip) but after god knows how many billions of dollars squandered on your ridiculous global bully boy tactics, there’s a lot of people hoping that it gets really bad you for you now, I’ll wager.

And that’s wrong, because the people don’t deserve that, theyre just people, doing their thing.. exactly the same as the hundreds of thousands of “just people doing their things” whose countries were torn asunder and friends and family blown to mincemeat by the Bush meatgrinder.

But it will be the worst ever, because this time you’ll know that virtually the rest of the world is at best apathetic about your situation, and at worst, absolutely rejoicing in it, and in anything that turns you introspective, and stops you throwing your weight and bombs around illegally in the rest of the world, because your problems all stem from home.

I am as anti-religious and as “confirmed skeptic” as they come, and even I feel like praising Mohammed for his victory over the Great Satan. May your troubles be severe enough to keep the majority of you firmly in your own country for the forseeable future, and stop bothering the rest of us.

And what now with the Middle East then? You and that spineless clueless twat Blair have turned Iraq into another Lebanon, and now you’ve run out of money you’ll want to be getting off home I suppose? ..leave all the “ragheads” to it?

4000 men have died for this so far, and now what? you’re going to whine off home tail between legs and leave them to it, not because you see the futility of your actions, but because you ran out of money? FFS.

Go Team America!! Fuck yeah.

If it was up to me I would try The Bush & Bliar for warcrimes and hang them both in public.



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