Posted by: doggings | April 3, 2008

ethics morals & competitive advantage

Have you ever been in a situation whereby say, you have worked something out in a high tech field, that not many others in your business area seem to have? What you have in common with a few others who also do not discuss it openly, is basically a competitive advantage, for the moment, all the while it lasts, whilst it’s not yet common knowledge.

If it were to become common knowledge, it would cheapen it’s value, and ultimately lessen its effectiveness. And yet in the community you see “experts” all the time not grasping the fundamental truths.

For me this is a big dilemma, for the urge to just explain the simplicity of something they are often over-complicating to extremes at times, and the internet exposure such relevations would surely bring, set against the fact that once everybody has the information things would definitely get harder for me.

I find myself engaged in conversations whereby I cannot tell what I would like to, and only skim over the basic facts to put one side of a debate about the theory. The fact that I cannot divulge everything I know makes people think that I don’t know very much, when in fact they could not be more mistaken about my understanding of the topic, but I cannot show that, without giving away the information.

what’s a guy to do? 🙂


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